Loading Tax Tables in AccountEdge (US)

AccountEdge provides payroll tax updates to anyone who is currently enrolled in a Payroll Tax Support plan.

Loading new payroll tax updates during the year requires you to be on the newest version of AccountEdge. Payroll tax updates released in February and later will be available only in AccountEdge 2018. If you are running AccountEdge 2017 and are looking for January 2018 payroll tax updates - these will be available. If there are any payroll tax updates that are released in February they will only be available for the 2018 software.

To load new updates is a two step process.

First you need to check for updates in the software. This will only check for updates to the version you are on. For example, if you check for updates in the 2017 AccountEdge software this will only find updates and patches to the 2017 version - it will not update you to the 2018 version of the software.

On Mac:
    Choose AccountEdge Pro or AccountEdge NE from the upper left corner of the screen next to the Apple and click "Check for Updates."

On Windows:
    Choose Help from the top menu and click "Check for Product Updates"

After checking for updates on each platform you will be asked to install the last update. The software will quit out when you do this and then reopen afterwards.

After you have installed the latest update you need to then load the latest tax :

  1. Choose "Setup" from the top menu.
  2. Click "Load Payroll Tax Tables" from the dropdown menu*

 You will receive a message telling you which payroll tax updates are available for you to load or it will tell you that you are up to date. If there are tax tables available click "Load Tax Tables" and then "Load New Tables."

As a final note, if your state's SUI rate or your FUTA rate changed - this information is not included in the tax tables. You can update this information by going to Setup > Payroll and 1099 Information and then adjusting the rate.

*To load payroll tax updates you need to be in the current payroll year. For information on how to Start a New Payroll Year in the software click here.