Unable to Write Command File Name swdrvs.ini

Officelink Driver Errors

  • Unable to Write Command File Name swdrvs.ini
  • swdrv32 cannot be found
  • DrvWD32 cannot be found
  • DrvXL32 cannot be found

If you cannot find these files on your computer's hard drive, try re-installing your accounting software as a Restore and select the Office Link components. If AccountEdge was installed before Microsoft 32-bit Office, these files will not have been installed.

You will receive the error Unable to Write Command File Name swdrvs.ini if you are not signed onto your computer as administrator. If this is the case: 1. Open your Windows Explorer and locate the swdrvs.ini file in your Windows or WINNT folder 2. Right click on it and go to properties 3. Under the Security tab, the User groups are listed. For each login (User Group), check the Permissions below (You want Power Users to have all permissions checked on the ALLOW column. Administrators will typically have all permissions checked) That is why it is recommended that AccountEdge be installed as ADMINISTRATOR.

Note: if you do not have the access to change the Permissions you may need to contact your Systems Administrator for assistance.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: Given that this is actually a Windows permission error, even some Administrator users may run into this issue when attempting to install. You can attempt to change the default installation location (C:\AccountEdgePro[Year] to instead create an AccountEdge folder on the desktop - Desktop\AccountEdgePro2016) - this has successfully resolved this issue for users for whom adjusting permissions did not work.

Also check: OLE Dispatch Error