Not an AccountEdge Company File

When attempting to open your company file or upgrade a file on the Mac, you may on occasion, get the message that the file you are attempting to open is not an AccountEdge company file.

First - confirm that you are opening the file with the correct version of the software. If you attempt to open a file that has been upgraded to work with AccountEdge 2015 and you attempt to open it with AccountEdge 2014, you receive this message.

If this is not the issue, you can resolve by doing the following:

  • You can rename the company file
  • Make sure the company file name isn't more than 24 characters long
  • Make sure path to the company file isn't excessively long (more than 128 characters)
  • You can stop and restart FileConnect if working with AccountEdge Network Edition
  • You can reboot the machine
  • Optimize the company file
  • Copy and paste the company file onto your desktop and upgrade it from there