Index of Reports Empty for Some Users

This is an issue with the 2018 version of AccountEdge having to do with the Index of Reports displaying an empty list when a user who has logged in has restriction to which reports they can display. Windows users may find that they cannot switch tabs or use the cancel button to close the window.

When you open the Index to Reports, AccountEdge automatically selects the first report in the list for the selected command center. If the user is restricted from viewing that report, the window comes up but it is not properly initialized. We are currently looking at how to address this for a future update.

Until there is an updated release available, you can use the following workaround:

When this happens:
1. Leave the Index to Reports window open. 2. Bring the Command Center window forward (either click on it, or select it from the Window menu). 3. Use the popup menu at the bottom of the Command Center to bring the Index to Reports window forward.

This seems to restore the functionality in the window, and you can then select different tabs with no problem.

We apologize for the inconvenience. We hope to address this in the next update after r22.0.8. Be sure to use Check for Updates to install the latest release.