AccountEdge Import Errors

Import Error 84
Import Error 190
Location of Import Log

Receiving Error 84 (Error -84) when Importing Service Sales and POs

When importing data, the error message at the bottom of the import log reads, "Foreign Currency Linked Accounts Missing." (There is a linked account missing.)

This error is caused by some linked account being invalid or unselected. Check the linked accounts by going into Setup > Linked Accounts, and verify a link exists for each of the linked accounts.

Receiving Error 190

To resolve error -190 (190), Customer/Vendor not found, remove the 'Record ID' (not the Card ID) when importing. Once the 'Record ID' is removed, those sales will import (unless there are other errors). If you still receive errors upon the import, you should check the import log again to view the new error codes.

Location of Import Log (By Version)

AE Version Log File Name Log File Location
AccountEdge Pro Mac AccountEdge Import Log /Documents/AccountEdge Pro 20XX
AccountEdge Windows EDGELOG Same folder as Company file
AccountEdge Basic AccountEdge Basic Import Log /Documents/AccountEdge Basic vX
AccountEdge NE 2011 and Previous AccountEdge Import Log /Applications/AccountEdge NE 20XX
AccountEdge NE 2012 and Later AccountEdge Import Log /Documents/AccountEdge NE 20XX