Shopify Syncing Errors

Foreign Currency Linked Account Missing

When attempting to sync AccountEdge and Shopify you will see this error if you are missing any linked accounts. This message can be a little misleading as it is not necessarily and issue that involves multicurrency - but just missing a linked account in general.

To resolve this:

  1. Go to Setup > Linked Accounts from the menu bar at the top of the screen
  2. You'll see 4 separate options (Accounts & Banking Accounts, Sales Accounts, Purchases Accounts, Payroll Accounts)
  3. Check each section and choose an account for any/all of the accounts that are missing
  4. Attempt to sync again

After linking any missing accounts the sync should work successfully. If it does not, please contact us.

Syncing Issue with Shopify and Duplicate Products

This issue occured on the 2015 version of AccountEdge (US) and the 2014 versions for US and Canada. Due to Shopify changing the way that products were identified - everytime AccountEdge and Shopify were synced it created duplicate items.

We released updates to all of these versions to resolve the issue. If you are on one of these versions of AccountEdge, is update, please choose Check for Updates from the Help menu on Windows or the AccountEdge menu on Mac. The update versions that resolved this were US r19.0.8 for US 2015, CA r18.3.7 for Canada 2014, and US 18.0.12 for US 2014.