AccountEdge Pro 2014 Upgrade

Forms Upgrade

Later versions of AccountEdge Pro, AccountEdge Network Edition, and AccountEdge Basic use a Support / Custom Forms folder for company files, invoice, letter and spreadsheet templates.

AccountEdge Pro 2014 has a feature called the Migration Assistant. The Migration Assistant will copy your customized forms, reports, letters and graphics from a previous version of AccountEdge or FirstEdge to the Support / Custom Forms folder of AccountEdge Pro 2014. If you have custom spreadsheets in your previous version, check the Copy Spreadsheets checkbox. The Migration Assistant is accessed from the AccountEdge Pro Welcome window, in the Company File Maintenance dropdown menu, which is located in the lower, right-hand corner of the Welcome window.

  1. Select Migrate Previous Version from the Company File Maintenance dropdown menu. You will see a message informing you that a folder named AccountEdge Pro 2014 ** will be created, by default, in your Documents folder. If you do not want the AccountEdge Pro 2014 ** folder located in your Documents folder, click OK, and indicate the place to create the folder.
  2. If your previous application isn't displayed, click the Browse button
  3. Navigate to the folder where your previous version of AccountEdge or FirstEdge resides
  4. Click on the application, and click Open
  5. Click the Start button to begin the migration process


Upgrading a Company File


  1. Select Upgrade Company File from the Company FIle Maintenance menu
  2. Click Next
  3. Click the Find File button
  4. Navigate to the folder where the company file resides, select it, and click Open
  5. By default the upgraded company file will be placed in the newly created AccountEdge Pro 2014 ** folder. Click the Save As button to indicate a different location and file name
  6. Click Next and confirm your settings
  7. Click Next to begin the upgrade process
  8. At the Congratulations window, you can click Next to select another file to upgrade, or click Finish if you are finished upgrading files
  9. When you are finished, you'll be returned to the Welcome Window, where you can Browse for your newly, upgraded company file, which will be located in your AccountEdge Pro 2014 ** folder.

**The asterisks indicate the letters US or CA depending on if you are using the US version of the software or the Canadian verison.