Item Price Levels and Quantity Discounts

AccountEdge has a pricing matrix for you to structure your item pricing according to customer status and sales quantities.

NOTE : Volume discount
On the customer's card under "Selling Details" you have the ability to set a volume discount percentage. This discount percentage applies in addition to any price breaks.

To name your price levels

  • Select Lists > Custom Lists & Field Names > Price Levels
  • Enter price level names, which will appear in the Selling Details of the Item Information window
  • Click OK

To specify price levels and quantity breaks for an item

  • Select Lists > Items
  • Select the item and click Edit
  • The base selling price you entered for this item in the upper section of the Selling Details view appears at Level A (or whatever you have chosen to label this field). In the remaining fields (Levels B to F, or whatever you have chosen to label them), type the selling price for this item. Make an entry for each price level you want to use
  • If you want to specify quantity breaks for a price level:
    • Type the first quantity break in the first Over field and enter the price for orders over the quantity break.
    • In the next Over field, type the new quantity break. Assign the price for this quantity break for each level.
    • Continue to enter up to five quantity breaks and assign up to six price levels. Note that each quantity break must be greater than the previous quantity break and less than the next.
  • Click OK

To assign a price level to a customer

  • Display the customer’s Card Information window and click the Selling Details tab
  • In the Item Price Level field, select the price level you want to assign to the customer. You can assign one of the six price levels or the item’s base selling price to the customer
  • Click OK and then click Close