Customize check to Stub-Check-Stub format

AccountEdge templates are set up to use a Check-Stub-Stub format. To Customize an AccountEdge check template to print to a Stub-Check-Stub format on an 8.5" x 11" sheet:

1.Select Setup > Customize Forms > Checks
2.Choose the laser check form that provides a check with 2 stubs (e.g., Laser/Inkjet Check #960L)
3.Click the Customize button
4.Select Edit > List Select All in the Customize Checks window while the Check layout is being displayed
5.Select Edit > Cut

6.In the Layout drop down menu select the type of check stub layout you will use (if you use different types you'll have to do this for each)
7.The layout for both stubs will appear in the window once you scroll down to the middle of the form. Hold down the shift key and select all the fields in the first stub
8.Move one of the selected fields to the top part of the form. All of the selected fields will move. You can either drag this with the mouse or use the arrow keys on the keyboard. Place these fields on the top part of the form
9.Repeat the last two steps for each stub layout that you use
10.Change the Layout back to Check
11.The check layout will appear in your customize window. Select Edit > Paste
12.Move the check fields to the middle of the form (about 4")
13.Test print on a blank piece of paper to verify the alignment of the checks and stubs
14.Fine-tune adjustments as necessary
15.Select Save As to save the custom check template