AccountEdge Pro vs. AccountEdge Basic Features

AccountEdge Basic   AccountEdge Pro
Accounts and Banking  
Accounts List / Chart of Accounts  
Expense Tracking  
Income Tracking  
Spend Money Transactions  
Receive Money Transactions  
Account Reconciliation  
Prepare Bank Deposit  
Print Checks  
Pay Electronically  
Import Bank Statements  
Retainer, Trust, and Escrow Accounts  
Departmental Accounting  
Multiple Currencies  
Enter Sales Invoices, Quotes, and Orders  
Sell Online with Shopify  
Print or Email Sales Orders  
Statement Billing  
Track Salesperson  
Customizable Forms and Invoices  
Commission Tracking  
Accept Credit Card Payments  
AccountEdge Web Pay  
Manage Sales Tax  
Recurring Sales  
Profit Analysis by Sale  
Payment Terms  
Progress Billing  
Enter Purchase Orders, Quotes, and Bills  
Pay Bills  
Payment Notifications  
Recurring Purchases  
Print or Email Purchase Orders  
Print 1099’s and 1096  
Direct Vendor Deposits  
Time Billing  
Activities List  
Activity Log  
Activity Slip  
Customer, Service, and Employee Billing Rate Levels  
Job Tracking  
Header/Detail Jobs  
Start/Stop Dates  
Expense Tracking  
Income Tracking  
Track Reimbursable  
Manage Items List  
Track Inventory Count  
Restocking Alert  
Item Variations  
Serialized Inventory  
Warranty Tracking  
Build Items  
Integrated Payroll  
Outsourced Payroll  
Manage Employee Payroll Information  
Manage Employee Deductions  
Track Vacation and Sick Time  
Federal and State Payroll Tax Rates  
Payroll Tax Forms  
Pay Liabilities  
Print Paychecks  
Direct Deposit Payments  
Print or Email Paystubs  
Card File  
Manage Lead, Customer, Vendor, and Employee Information  
Create Personalized Letters  
Create and Print Mailing Labels  
Additional Features  
Mileage Tracking  
Attach Documents