Support Folder - Custom Forms Folder

Beginning in 2012, releases of AccountEdge Pro and AccountEdge Basic use a Support / Custom Forms folder. This Support folder, which is created by default in your Documents folder, is created with the name and year of the product (e.g., AccountEdge Basic v2 US, AccountEdge Pro 2013 CA and AccountEdge Pro 2014 US on Mac and Windows machines, and AccountEdge NE 2013 CA, AccountEdge NE 2014 US on the Mac).

You can locate the Support / Custom Forms folder from AccountEdge by opening the Company Data Auditor window: Command Centers > Accounts > Company Data Auditor. Here you will see a folder named: Custom Forms, etc. This is the name (location) of the Support / Custom forms folder.

The Support / Custom Forms folder contains the following folders

Custom Forms
The template forms, including those you may have customized, used for printing
Custom Reports
The report templates you've created and customized
Graphic files that you've attached to records in your company file
Letter and customized letter templates that you use
Spreadsheet templates and customized spreadsheet templates that you use

AccountEdge Pro can copy custom forms and templates from older versions of AccountEdge to the Custom Forms, etc. folder of your latest installation. To do this, simply select Migrate Previous Version from the Company File Maintenance drop-down menu, which is located in the lower, right-hand corner of the AccountEdge Pro Welcome window.

In an AccountEdge NE environment

  • The contents of this Support / Custom Forms folder should be the same on every work station. If this is the case for your environment, you should copy the contents to the Support / Custom Forms folder on each work station
  • The Graphics folder is located in the Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/AccountEdge NE folder on the host machine

In a non-AccountEdge NE environment, the Support / Custom Forms folder also contains the Widgets, sample company file, and unless you indicate otherwise, the Documents folder that will contain files of the documents you've attached to records in your company file.