Keep Undeposited Funds Receipts

When you close a fiscal year and start a new one, the status of your undeposited funds transactions depends on the options that you choose during the Start a New Fiscal Year process (SANFY).

The best way to ensure that your undeposited funds transactions aren't lost when you start a new fiscal year is to make certain that all undeposited funds have been deposited through the Prepare Bank Deposit window before you begin your year-end tasks. Your bank deposits should also be reconciled before you begin the new fiscal year.

If you don't deposit and reconcile all funds before closing a fiscal year, you can avoid losing information by making sure that you have check marked the Keep Receipts Grouped with Undeposited Funds line in the Start a New Fiscal Year process window. This will ensure that any undeposited funds transactions are not purged when you start the new fiscal year.