Default Company File Location

The default location for AccountEdge Pro company file(s) is the Support folder which is located in the user's Documents folder. This location can be changed when creating a company file.

The default location for AccountEdge Network Edition company file(s) is the Databases folder on the host machine. The databases folder can by found by:

  1. Opening Finder
  2. Choosing "Go" from the top of the screen.
  3. Click on "Computer" from the "Go" menu.
  4. Double-clicking into your hard drive (the default is Macintosh HD)
  5. Double-clicking into Library
  6. Double-clicking into Application Support
  7. Double-clicking into AccountEdge NE

You will see the Databases folder directly in AccountEdge NE. The file needs to be in this location be opened by AccountEdge NE.

By default, the company file name will be the name of the company indicated when creating a company file. The file name has a limit of 27 characters, and is appended with a .myo, which makes the length 31 characters. The name of the file can be changed at creation time, as well.