Best Practice Suggestions

Here are some useful tips for maintaining the health of your company file.

AccountEdge recommends the following routines which will help keep your file up to date and as free of issues as possible.

Backing up your file. In the event of a computer crash, power failure, theft, accidental deletions or other natural disasters a backup is crucial to your business. Backing up your file each day that data is added or modified can be a significant time saver. Also backing up your file to an external source such as a server, attached drive, cloud account, thumb drive, other media or off-site location will help keep your backup in a safe place. Please remember to Backup Backup Backup!

Optimizing your file is essential to the health of the data. This process searches for inconsistencies within the data structure and attempts reorganize it to increase performance, reduce file size and give the maximum benefit possible. Performing this routine on a weekly basis will help sustain your files’ health.

Verifying your file is also a benefit to your files’ health as it performs data integrity checks. In some cases you will be prompted to ‘Fix Now’ as the verification will try to resolve minor problems. In other cases you will encounter errors that can only be resolved by contacting technical support. Performing this routine on a weekly basis will keep you informed of your files’ health. If your file does fail verification and the optimization process is not able to repair it please contact us at 800-322-6962 (Monday-Friday 9 AM - 8 PM Eastern).

Here are the links to the referred routines

Backup Company File

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