Assigning Departments to Transactions (Pre-AccountEdge 2014)

Beginning with AccountEdge Pro 2014 we introduced a new feature that provides real departmental accounting. For more information on this - please see this support page.

If you are on a version previous to AccountEdge 2014 you can set up departments by using either the Jobs feature or the Categories feature.

Create a Job to represent a particular department. The Job number field can be a max of 15 alphanumeric characters.

When you enter transactions that pertain to a department, simply enter the job number in the column labeled Job. This field can be found on most transaction windows.

You can also generate several types of reports for each department/job, including profit and loss, budget analysis, and activity reports. There is, however, no balance sheet by job.

Another option is to use Categories. Categories are used on a per transaction basis, instead of a per-line basis like the job. You must turn category tracking on under Setup > Preferences > System. The category field will be available on the bottom right of all transaction screens. You can make Categories optional or mandatory.