Prepare T4 Slips

Generally, you need to complete a T4 slip if you are an employer and you paid your employees employment income, commissions, taxable allowances and benefits, fishing income, or any other remuneration.

If you file more than 50 T4 slips for a calendar year, you must file the return over the Internet.

More information is available on the CRA web site (search for T4 slip):

In AccountEdge select Prepare T4 and RL-1 Forms in the Payroll Command Center

  • In the first Set Up window, select a T4 box in the left pane, and wage category on the right

  • Then enter or confirm, the Employer ID or BN

  • Select form type

  • Select a form type of either electronic or printed

  • If you selected electronic:

    • Click Next, and fill-in the required information
    • Click Next, and fill-in the required information
    • Select the employees for which T4 slips are to be generated
    • Click Create File to generate the XML file that is to be uploaded to the CRA web site; once the file is created, the CRA web site will be opened in your web browser
  • Otherwise, print the employees' T4 Slips

AccountEdge prints T4 Slips on pre-printed forms.