Plain Paper T4 Forms

At some sites, the Plain Paper T4 Forms are not being installed with the AccountEdge 2012, 16.3.3 update. If these forms are missing from your update:

  • Download the froms from the link below
  • Unzip the compressed zip file
  • Place the forms in the Custom Forms folder on your hard drive

The Custom Forms folder can be found by:

  • Open your company file in AccountEdge
  • Click on the Accounts tab
  • Click on the Company Data Auditor button
  • On Windows: Click the link for Custom Forms, etc
    On Mac: Click the magnifying glass across from "Custom Forms, etc"
  • Place the T4 forms in the folder named Custom Forms, which will be in the window that you just opened

Plain Paper T4 Forms for Windows

Plain Paper T4 Forms for Mac