Ontario WSIB

To Implement WSIB in AccountEdge

  1. Open the Payroll Expenses List (Lists > Payroll Categories > Expenses)
  2. Click the New button
  3. Name the Expense: WSIB
  4. Type of Expense: Other
  5. Expense Basis: Equals YourRate Percent of Gross Wages
  6. Expense Limit: Equals YourRate Percent of Gross Wages*
  7. Click the Employees button, and place a tick to the left of the appropriate employee names
  8. Click OK
  9. Click OK

The WSIB will be expensed every payroll, and you would use Pay Liabilities to remit the premium when it's due.

* This calculation of Gross Wages will be based on the gross pay of this check times the number of pay periods, so it may differ slightly from the WSIB calculator, which uses a flat gross wage times rate. Alternatively, you can indicate an expense limit of (the product of gross times rate) in the Equals Dollars per Year line.