Getting Started With AccountEdge Connect (Formerly AccountEdge Cloud) Using Dropbox

Once you sign up for your AccountEdge Connect account, you'll receive an email confirmation. To complete the activation of your account, follow the instructions in the email. (The email includes important details about your account, so please hang on to it.)

You'll need to create a Dropbox account, which affords you 2 free GBs of storage space, and is used to store data connecting AccountEdge Connect with your company file. Get set up with a Dropbox account by going to It's fast, it's easy and it's free.

AccountEdge syncs with AccountEdge Pro 2014 and later, so next, connect your AccountEdge Pro 2014 (or later) company file with your Dropbox account

  • Select Setup > AccountEdge Connect (at the top of the screen when you have your company file open)
  • Enter your Dropbox account and password and click Link
  • Click on the Devices tab to create a device name you will use to identify this company file with AccountEdge Connect; you cannot have an apostrophe or quote in the Device name
  • Click the Close button
  • Click the Sync button to sync your company file data with the dropbox
You're ready to administer and use your AccountEdge Connect account.

For more help getting up and running using AccountEdge Connect please see the following videos:

Getting Started Using AccountEdge Connect

AccountEdge Connect Overview