AccountEdge Connect Email Settings

AccountEdge Connect allows you to set preferences for who your customer's see their invoices coming from, the email address your customers will reply to, if you want to CC anyone (ie: yourself), and the default signature that will be applied when you email from AccountEdge Connect.

You can get to these settings by:

  1. Logging in to with your Connect Admin account
  2. Click on Welcome > Settings from the upper right corner of the page
  3. Click on General in the Upper Left
  4. Click on Email Configuration under General (left hand side of the page)

You'll see these settings:


  • From Alias: The name that your customer see's in their email program (this shows as "From" in most email software")
  • Reply-To: The email address your customer sees the email coming from
  • CC: If you would like to copy anyone on the email (for example, if you would like a copy to your email)
  • Email Signature: This will be at the bottom of emails sent from AccountEdge Connect. Most people put their Company Name or their own name (ie: John Doe)