AccountEdge Basic v1 Update

An update was released for AccountEdge Basic v1 (15.1.3) that provides compatibility for Mac OS X, version 10.7 Lion. (Lion was released in July 2011.) Even if you're not planning a migration to Lion any time soon, this update changes where AccountEdge Basic stores its data.

Prior to this update, the location for your custom forms, reports, spreadsheets, etc., is the folder named [User Home]/Library/Application Support/AccountEdge Basic/AccountEdge Basic v1 US/. In later versions of Mac OS X, the user library is hidden from users. (You can still access this folder but you will need to know how to get there.)

As a result of the Mac OS X change, the location of the AccountEdge Basic support files and folders, and the default location of the AccountEdge Basic company file have changed. They are now stored in your Documents folder.

When you attempt to open your company file, or the sample company file, after installing the AccountEdge Basic v1 update, AccountEdge Basic will notify you that it is creating a new folder named AccountEdge Basic v1 US. By default, this new folder will be located in your Documents folder. AccountEdge Basic will then copy your forms, reports, spreadsheets, etc. to this new location.

AccountEdge Basic will NOT move or copy your company file(s). The reason for this is to avoid having two versions of your company file(s), which may cause confusion. You will still be able to browse and open your company file from its original location.
NOTE: If you migrate to Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, you will be able to click to open your file but may not be able to easily browse or navigate to it.

We recommend customers of the original release of AccountEdge Basic (15.1.0), perform the following steps to move the company file(s) to the new folder, AccountEdge Basic v1 US, located in the Documents folder.

  • Make a backup of your company file and store it in a safe place
  • Update AccountEdge Basic v1 (15.1.3)
  • After AccountEdge Basic is updated, use it to open the sample company file. (This will create the new folder for your files.)
  • Once you have opened the sample company file, you can close this file
  • Move your company file(s) from the folder [User Home]/Library/Application Support/AccountEdge Basic/AccountEdge Basic v1 US to the newly created AccountEdge Basic v1 US folder in your Documents folder.
  • Launch AccountEdge Basic, and Browse for your company file, which is now located in the Documents/AccountEdge Basic v1 US folder.