AccountEdge Basic New Features

AccountEdge Basic v1
AccountEdge Basic v2
AccountEdge Basic v4

AccountEdge Basic v1

Interface ReDesign

Command Center redesign

The Command Center appearance has been updated to improve navigation. A new module has been added for easy access to the Card File features such as the Cards List. Additional features are:

  • Reminder Log
  • Print Mailing Labels
  • Create Personalized Letters

Welcome window redesign

The Welcome Window has a new-look with access to more features including easy access to our latest blog entries, sign up for a support plan and get the latest AccountEdge news on our website.
The following are options that are now available to you before you create or open an existing company file:

  • Select Create to create a new company file for your business. After you have created a company file your option will be to Open the company file you just created or the company file you opened last.
  • Select Browse to access the Open window and then select the company file you want to open.
  • Select Sample Company to explore the AccountEdge Basic sample company file. This file can help you learn how to use the software.
  • Select Support for easy access to FAQ’s, the Forum, guides, and email support.
  • Company File Maintenance drop-down menu to access the following features:
    • Create a company file - select if you want to create additional company files.
    • Optimize your company file - select if you want to optimize your company file before you open it.
    • Upgrade FirstEdge company file - select when upgrading your company file from FirstEdge to AccountEdge Basic.
    • Restore from a disk- select if you want to restore a backup of your company file.


Reconcile Accounts Improvements

When reconciling your accounts, you can easily search for a specific transaction by using the improved sorting tools. Click on the Header in each column to sort that column. You can sort by Date, ID#, Payee, Deposits and Withdrawals. These new sorting tools will allow you to reconcile your accounts in the order in which they appear on your bank statement.

Card File

Reminder Log

You can now keep a detailed log of all correspondence between you and your contacts to help maintain current and accurate information. For example, if you call a customer regarding an overdue invoice, you can create a log entry showing the date of the call, a summary of the outcome, and the date you will want to recontact them by if their invoice is still outstanding. When a contact calls you can easily access a complete history of your business relationship with that contact. You can create a reminder for your daily business tasks without having to assign a card to the entry.

Action Menu

The Action menu is a shortcut menu for accessing tasks associated with sales and all contact records. The menu is located in the sales quotes, order, and invoice windows as well as in each of the customer, vendor, employee and personal card windows. When you click the Action menu icon, a list of actions associated with the sale or type of card are displayed. All of the tasks you could previously perform in the sales windows, such as save as recurring, use recurring and receive a payment can be found in the Action menu. All of the tasks you could previously perform in the card windows such as enter a sale and find transactions. Access to create a letter can now be found in the Action menu.


Create Orders

The Sales Order has been added to AccountEdge Basic. You can easily change a Quote to an Order or an Order to Invoice. The status of the following sale types can be changed:

  • Quote: Can be changed to Order or Invoice
  • Order: Can be change Invoice
  • Invoice: The status of an invoice cannot be changed.

Track Shipping Details on Invoices

You can enter the Shipping Details for each item invoice you have fulfilled by clicking the zoom arrow to the left of the Shipping Details field on an item invoice. The Shipping Details window will appear to enable you to track your shipment. Enter the carrier you used and the type of service such as, Ground or Overnight. You can also enter the Tracking Number given to you by the carrier as well as any notes regarding the shipment.

Itemized Statements

You can now break down your customer invoice statements to show payments, customer credits and discounts that have been applied to each invoice. (Note that this feature is not available for activity statements). The following fields have been added to the list of fields you can use to customize your invoice statements:

  • ID #
  • Field #
  • Payments - Credits Applied
  • Payments - Discounts Applied
  • Payment - Received Payments

Before you can itemize your invoice statements, you need to set the option to show itemized payment details for each invoice. You also need to customize your invoice statement forms.

Item Attributes


Each item can have a specific brand associated with it. Brands can be used to identify an item in a report and can be used to filter item reports.


User defined tags can be used for filtering reports. You can define a tag to be used like a category for each item and have the ability to add multiple tags per item.


A new Weight field has been added to the Item Information - Item Details window, located below the Brand field. You can track the weight of an item by entering the weight and select either Kilograms, Grams, Ounce or Pound.

Multiple Product Images

You will now be able to add multiple images to each item. These images are located under the Item Information - Item Details window for each item. You can enter 3 different images for each item.
To enter an image for an item, double click the desired area for each image then link the image. The main image will display the name of the image below it.

Security Enhancements

PCI Compliance

The credit card industry has implemented a series of mandatory standards aimed at merchants who store, process or transmit cardholder data. As a result, AccountEdge has changed the way in which credit card information is stored, processed and transmitted.

Read-only File Setting

AccountEdge offers you an option to set your company file to Read-Only status. If you want the added security of restricting access to add, edit, or delete any transactions in your company file or a copy of your company file, a new security preference, Mark this company file as Read-Only [System-wide] has been added to AccountEdge. If you choose to select this option, the following features will be disabled:

  • Importing of any data
  • Start a New Fiscal Year
  • Adding, Editing, or Deleting Transactions

You will be able to view, analyze and export existing information. Reports and Forms can be customized and printed. You can deselect this preference if you need to have complete access to the company file, for example, to replace an existing file.

Google Maps

Google Maps and Directions

If you want to visit a customer, vendor, employee or personal friend you can easily get directions by accessing Google Maps™ directly from your software (internet connection required).

PDFs, Graphics, Print/Email Improvements

Forms Customization redesign

The redesign of the New form customization tools provides additional options for customizing forms and has Better Graphic Support on Forms when both viewing and printing your forms.

Better Graphic Support on Forms

The new PDF engine improves image quality which means images on forms display properly, all fonts can be used on forms, and PDF’s match their printed counterparts. To take advantage of these enhancements, you will need to re-attach the graphic(s) on your customized forms.

Preview PDF before printing

You can view the form from the print dialog box before choosing to print it. This will enable you to make any last minute changes, if necessary, it will also allow you to see if the fields and margins are set correctly.

Expanded Note fields

The Notes fields throughout the software has been expanded to accommodate up to 1001 alpha-numberic characters allowing for more details to be added to transactions, payments, emails, contact information, etc.

Enhanced Search Options

New pop-up menu’s, ‘Search by’ and ‘Starts With’ or ‘Contains’ will appear in the Select from List window when selecting Cards or Items.
The following options are available for search:

  • Cards
    • First Name
    • Last Name/Co.Name
    • Card ID
    • Phone Number
    • Email
    • Address
    • City
    • State
    • ZIP
    • Country
  • Items
    • Item Number
    • Item Name
    • Description
    • Web Description
    • Brand
    • Tag

Enhanced Search on Sales Register

You can now search and filter the Sales Register by All Customers, a specific Customer, All Sales type or just Quotes, Orders, Invoices, as well as Web Store Sales vs Non-Web Sales.

Personalized Letters

You can send your customer information to Microsoft Word to create personalized letters.

Excel Reports

You can open reports that you have saved as tab-delimited files, comma-separated files or unformatted text files. You must have Microsoft Excel installed on your computer.

New Forms and Reports

You can now print Bank Deposit Slips directly from your company file. The new Prepare Bank Deposit window has added features to make it easy to record Cash Back on Deposits, Total Cash, Total Checks, and Number of Items deposited. You can then print the entire transaction on a pre-printed form and take it directly to your bank.

File Maintenance

Backup now supports ZIP file format

AccountEdge products use ZIP compression to create backups of your accounting data. Your accounting software will be able to restore backups from previous versions in .sit format as well as .zip format.

AccountEdge Basic v2


Mileage Tracking

The mileage tracking feature gives you the ability to track mileage for as many vehicles or employees as you want. You can track depreciation for tax purposes for each vehicle or employee and the amount of miles to and from meeting with your customers for expense reimbursement. Keep track of mileage rates using an effective date to help keep up with changes from the IRS. Also, use your mobile device to sync with AccountEdge Basic to import your mileage logs. Create a list of all vehicles. You can give a detailed description along with add a picture of the vehicle.


Improved Bank Statement Import

AccountEdge can import bank statements in a variety of formats for most every bank as long as you can download your statement to your computer in an OFX, OFC, QIF, QFX and other similar formats. We have added a new Bank Statement Import worksheet window making it easier and faster to add new transactions, match to existing transactions and create import rules when importing a bank statement. You can also apply transactions to your Jobs, streamlining the tracking and billing process. The Bank Statement Import window gives you the ability to save the transactions you imported so you can come back to it later if you are interrupted. AccountEdge will retain the transaction imported but not yet updated. Using a dual register worksheet window, you’ll now be able to see the work to be done and the transactions you've already matched or added without having to import the bank statement again and again. AccountEdge can now help with future bank statements by creating rules that are tied to a transactions memo or payee. Having the ability to create rules for the next import will make your next reconciliation easier and faster.

Expanded Amount in English

If you want to write a check for an amount exceeding $99,999.99 the amount will now be written out in English instead of numeric.


Notes on Sales

You can now add a note to your sales. For example, if a sales person needs to add notes to a quote, order or invoice for use with a contract or for warranty details they can easily add the notes directly to the quote, order or invoice. These notes can be added to the printed sales, including the packing slips when customizing the form.

Shipping Address on Professional Invoices

You now have the ability to assign a shipping address from a customers card to the professional layout of an invoice. For ‘drop ship’ purposes you also have the ability to select the address from a card other than the customer assigned to the invoice. This field can also be added as a custom field when customizing the form for printing purposes.

Expanded tax code field

Tax codes can now be created with up to 5 characters in length. If your business is in a state that has multiple tax jurisdictions and authorities or need to create tax codes for multiple states, you can now use up to 5 characters. You can also create codes that are more descriptive and recognizable.

Weight Fields on Invoices

Item have a weight field associated with them and now you’ll be able to add this field to your customized invoice. The individual weight and the extended weight (qty x weight) will display on each line of the invoice. You can also add the total weight for the entire sale when printing either an invoice or a packing slip. To add the weight of item go to the Items List and select your item. Click the Item Details tab and enter the weight in the appropriate field. To add the field to your invoice or packing slip, select the appropriate form from the Print/Email Invoices window and click Customize. Select the Weight or Total Weight fields from the Data Fields menu. Save your form and print when you are ready to ship the order.

Reports and Forms

Updated Financial Statements

The financial statements including Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet reports have been redesigned to make them cleaner and easier to read.

Mileage Tracking reports

The Mileage Tracking feature comes with 6 new reports including the Vehicle List report, the Mileage Rates report, the Vehicle Mileage Log-Summary and Vehicle Mileage Log-Detail, Employee Mileage Log-Summary and Employee Mileage Log-Detail reports. You can use the Mileage Log Summary and Detail reports as a detailed log of the mileage you are writing off or depreciating making these reports valuable in an audit.

Additional Fields Added to Sales Reports

Additional report fields that can be added to the sales reports have now been added as custom fields. For example:

  • Average days to pay, last sale date, highest A/R Balance and Highest Invoice Amount have been added to the Analyze Sales reports.
  • Memo has been added to many reports, such as the Customer Payments report.
  • Amount Paid to the Customer Summary report
  • Sales Custom Fields and Lists have been added to relevant reports


Batch Delete

The new batch delete feature gives you the ability to clean up your cards and items lists. You can now select multiple cards or items from those lists and use your Right Mouse Click or Ctrl Click menu to delete all those selected. AccountEdge will automatically inform you if the cards or items you have selected to delete have any transactions associated with them.

Migration Assistant

The Migration Assistant feature will help you copy and upgrade the Custom Forms, Custom Reports, Graphics, and Letters and automatically save them to the AccountEdge support folder. The Migration Assistant is available to you before you create or open an existing company file.

Restore Company File

You can now restore a company file directly from the Welcome Window. Restoring a back up copy of a company file from the welcome window instead of having to open another company file makes this process much faster and easier. Select Restore from a disk or Restore from Dropbox from the Company File Maintenance menu. An Open window will appear for you to choose a file to restore. Select the file you want to restore and click Open. In the Choose a Folder window, select a location for the restored file. Click Choose, a message will display the name of the file, where the file is located and an option to open the restored file.

File Location

After installing, the AccountEdge Basic 2013 folder containing the application is located in the Applications folder on Mac and directly on the C Drive on Windows computers; however the AccountEdge support files, such as customised forms and reports, sample company file, letters and spreadsheets, email PDF attachments and graphics are stored in an support folder called AccountEdge Basic v2 US located in the Users Documents folder. The AccountEdge Basic v2 US folder will also be the default location for your company file. You can choose another location for your company file when you are creating a new file or when you are upgrading an existing file.

AccountEdge Mobile v2

Credit Card Processing

AccountEdge Mobile v2 now has the ability to process credit card transactions. Payments taken work directly with your AccountEdge Merchant Account and sync back to AccountEdge. Any payment IDs stored in an AccountEdge 2013 company file will be sent to AccountEdge Mobile for use.

Quick Sale

AccountEdge Mobile v2 now offers the ability to create an item or service sale and payment quickly. Enter the amount of the sale or payment, type in a description then process a credit card, take a check or cash and your transaction is complete. For quicker data entry you can select from a list of favorite sale items and add the customer as a new contact. Set up a default customer, allowing you to skip the customer field when creating a sale. Sales, payments and customer information are synced with the AccountEdge company file.

Receive Payment on a Receivable

In AccountEdge Mobile v2 you can now select an open receivable from a list and apply a payment. The payment can be in the forms of cash, check or securely process a credit card with the optional AccountEdge Merchant account.

Mileage Tracking

Track the miles driven while visiting a client or delivering goods. Enter mileage for each employee by either employee name or by vehicle used. You can also track the job associated with the expense. The mileage will sync to AccountEdge then be added to an invoice or be used for reimbursing the employee.

ReRun Billing Integration

Rerun for AccountEdge

Rerun for AccountEdge is a web based tool that allows you to process credit card payments, create customer groups for mass emails, create event based email templates, track payment activity and reports, accept eChecks from your mobile device without needing access to the entire company file. An integration interface with Dropbox enables you to sync this information with your AccountEdge company file. For more detailed information, go to the Setup menu in your company file and select Rerun>Learn about Rerun.

AccountEdge Basic v4


Use Default Forms to Email Invoices

You can now select an option to use the default form that is indicated on the customer or vendor card when emailing forms to the customer or vendor. If you do not have a default form assigned to the customer or vendor, the form selected in the Advanced Filters will be used.

Create Credit Memos

A customer credit is money that you owe to a customer. To process a customer credit or refund, you first need to record a credit memo and then record the settlement of the credit (for example, by printing a refund check for your customer). You can create a customer credit memo in the following ways:

  • Reverse an existing sale. Use this method if the customer has paid for the entire sale. This method will automatically create a credit memo when reversal is recorded.
  • Manually create a credit. Use this method if you are crediting the customer for part of a sale.
  • Process from web store. Use this method if you have processed a credit or refund through your web store and you now need to reflect it in your company file.


Combine Items

You can now easily clean up your items list by combining your old items with your new items or if you have duplicate items you can combine two items into one. When you need to combine two items you are choosing to keep one item and choosing to delete the other. The one you choose to keep is called the primary item. The item that will be deleted is called the secondary item.


Hide Inactive

You now have the option to select Hide Inactive on various windows including Cards, Items and Jobs Lists to filter the inactive cards and items from the list. If a card or item are marked as Inactive and there are recurring transactions associated with them, a message will appear asking if you want to delete the recurring transactions. If a job is marked as Inactive and there are recurring transactions associated with them, a message will appear asking if you want to remove this job from all recurring transactions.


Negative Numbers on Reports

Any report that previously displayed a “CR” to the right of an account balance that had a negative balance is now displaying an amount in parentheses.

Import/Export Changes

Item Record ID added

The Item Record ID has been added to the list of options available when importing and exporting items. When you select this option of identifying the items by the Item Record ID it will allow for a more direct match of the items.