AccountEdge Basic and the Mac App Store

We made a Mac App Store version of AccountEdge Basic v1 available a few years ago and since then many changes were made by Apple with regard to the technical requirements to be available on the Mac App Store. 

Since this time we have released a new version of AccountEdge Basic v2 but unfortunately could only make this available directly through our web site. Without significant changes to the product we are unable to make this available on the Mac App Store.

While we’re deciding on if we should pull this version from the App Store, we’re making AccountEdge Basic v2 available as a FREE upgrade for those Mac App Store purchasers. This new version comes with several new features that you can learn about here.
To receive the free upgrade, users will need to register their software for free support. This is can be done from the AccountEdge Basic menu. Once you register for free support, you’ll receive an email with a serial number and a download link.

This video shows you how to upgrade from version 1 to version 2.